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This is by far the best sushi I've ever had. Been coming here for the last 3 years and it's incomparable to anything else I've ever tried. The service is always fantastic and Ken is always making sure his customers are satisfied. I literally cannot say enough good things about this place!!

Best sushi place in KW! Owner and staff are so friendly and nice, atmosphere is great, seating is spacious and even when its very busy (as Ken's does get) you can get seated pretty quickly and comfortably. Food is incredible, it's almost indescribable. Fish is fresh, sushi is immaculately crafted, veggie and vegan options are available. Perfect for a family of picky eaters. If you eat once, you come back for sure!


Ken Sushi House

Located on the lower level of Blair House, Phillip Square, Waterloo, our bustling space seats 120 customers, with 10 booths and tables to the front and sides, and 12 counter seats. 

"Ken Sushi succeeds in balancing the desires of sushi connoisseurs for high-quality well-cut fish, and a hungry budget-conscious student population who want something better than their usual run-of-the-mill options. And that's a challenge well met", says Alex Bielak, The Record. 


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